Thursday, May 2, 2013

David MacDonald - "Cousins in Clay" - Seagrove, NC - June 1 & 2

David MacDonald will be one of our guest clay cousins for this years "Cousins in Clay" at Bulldog Pottery in Seagrove, NC. He is an emeritus professor of Syracuse University and makes pottery and lives in Syracuse, New York.  MacDonald received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) in 2011.

An excerpt from David MacDonald's artist statement.

"The nature of the art experience for me is one of self-discovery and communication. In one sense, it is a very private and personal journey in search of order, reason, reality and beauty. In another sense, it is a very public act in the attempt to express and share, with others, my realizations and discoveries."

He recently had a solo exhibition at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York.
"For more than four decades, David MacDonald has masterfully created richly patterned utilitarian objects from clay that have come to symbolize tremendous integrity and endurance. Despite the national recognition MacDonald has earned for his superb work, he remains committed to, and most content when he is producing, functional works of art in beautiful forms that will be touched, held, and most importantly used by people who will admire and appreciate their inherent beauty."
— Everson Museum of Art, 2011

We are honored and excited to have David MacDonald come to Seagrove with his pottery for this years  "Cousins in Clay".  

"Cousins in Clay" June 1-2, 2013

Honored Clay Cousins
 David MacDonald 
Jack Troy

at Bulldog Pottery 
3306 US Hwy 220, Seagrove, NC 27341
June 1&2, Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-4

hosted by Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke
 with Michael Kline from Bakersville, NC