Thursday, January 3, 2013

David MacDonald

David MacDonald - Platter

David MacDonald is a recently retired ceramics professor from Syracuse University, New York and will be our honored guest Cousin for the "Cousins in Clay" pottery event in Seagrove, North Carolina. 

Excerpt on Media
"He believes inspiration occurs on a subconscious level. He says many of the patterns on his pieces are an amalgamation from different sources, but he strives for something special with each one.
“I just kind of want my work to look Africanesque, but I try to avoid copying African patterns verbatim.”
His intention is to “capture the essence of them, the structure the patterns are built around. Usually, it’s a grid,” he says. “Sometimes I take a pattern, then reinterpret it.”
Reinterpretation and repetition don’t end there. “An idea will start somewhere, and eventually it will mutate in the process of doing it over and over again."

(June 23, 2011) - from the article "Retired Syracuse University art professor David MacDonald, who had a solo show at Everson, says he backed into career as an artist in clay"

To read this article about David MacDonald in its entirety visit

Cousins in Clay
Pottery Show and Sale
Special Guests are David MacDonald and Jack Troy
June 1-2, 2013
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-4
at Bulldog Pottery - 3306 US Hwy 220 Alt
Seagrove, NC
hosted by Bruce Gholson, Samantha Henneke, and Michael Kline
 Sat. light buffet, music, demos, poetry, & conversations about all things clay
Sun. at noon is the Potters Potluck- all are welcomed

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